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Ahnalee, The Ballerina | Portrait Photography

I've been dying to share this shoot for SO long now! But life has been crazy busy with shoots almost every single day that it's been nearly impossible to blog. BUT finally I made some time to post these amazing portraits we did of Ahnalee.

Growing up my mom enrolled me on ballet lessons but I was in an age where I was too young for the older kids group or too old for the younger ones. So after only two classes I told my mom (at age 6(!!) ) that I was done and I quit. Worst decision of my life!! Up to this day I regret quitting. I just hope someday I have a baby girl who loves ballet :)

Anyways, this girl is just 15 but seeing her do her thing is just mind blowing. She's just super dedicated and a great performer. We decided to go to the Cents of Style Wall in Bluffdale, Utah and her pictures turned out so edgy and amazing.

Enjoy! :)